Archival print of lands and landmarks of Clan MacMillan

Despite being one of Scotland's oldest clans, Clan MacMillan has received a cursory and often inaccurate portrayal of its history in books and clan maps. These maps place Clan MacMillan in Knapdale. One such map represents the clan in tiny type off the coast of Knapdale. Were they boat people?

Graeme M. Mackenzie, MA, Clan MacMillan's historian, has written a book titled Clan MacMillan, A New History, the most recent and authoritative resource on the subject, published in 2016. This print is based on Graeme's research and input, a distillation of a long and complex story. One of Scotland's oldest and among the most scattered of clans, they were to be found in the Highlands, Lowlands and Antrim.

This print is available as a 17" x 22" archival print with a live area of 14.5" x 19.5" (the printed area within the sheet). More information about the print and archival printing is on the Scottish clans page. See a page with ordering instructions. If you have questions email Mike McMillen.

MacMillan clan lands include Murlagan, Knapdale, Kintyre, Glenkens, Arkaigside, Hebrides, Ulster