The MacMillan Cross

The MacMillan Cross may be the most significant artifact of Clan MacMillan's nine century history. Most of it's visual elements are common to other Celtic crosses. Almost all of these elements,including the wheel cross, pre-date Christianity. Here it is one shape, lacking the detail delineating the cross from the wheel, a style found only in later examples of Celtic crosses. The unique feature of this cross (besides the fact that it is specific to Clan MacMillan) is has the first known visual reference to a kilt.

Today the cross resides in Kilmory Knap chapel located on the west side of Knapdale in the Western Highlands of Scotland. It was moved inside the chapel in 1981 from the plinth on which it previously rested immediately adjacent to the chapel. It remains in remarkably good condition.

This print is available as a 22" x 17" archival print with a live area of 19.75" x 14.5" (the printed image within the sheet). More information about this print and archival printing is on the homepage. See a page with ordering instructions. If you have questions email Mike McMillen.

MacMillan's Cross, a late example of a Celtic cross located at Kilmory Knap.