Archival print of Scottish Highlanders immigration to Canada

Scottish Highlanders were key to most facets of the history of Canada. Highland regiments were instrumental in winning the French and Indian War and wresting the territory from France. Many, having settled in North America, would again take up arms as Loyalists during the American Revolution and later be forced to evacuate to Canada. This graphic illustrates some of these migrations and, additionally, exploration by Mackenzie and Fraser in the west and north. The timeline puts these events in context with other relevant historical events.

This is available as a 22" x 17" archival print with a live area of 19.75" x 12.75" (the printed area within the sheet). More information about this print and archival printing is on the homepage. See a page with ordering instructions. If you have questions email Mike McMillen.

Map and timeline of Scottish Highlanders' migrations to Canada