Contacts for Minnesota, regional and international clan organizations.

Below find a partial listing of Scottish clans and families. These include clan-specific organizations and contacts in Minnesota and where available, a national or international organization's website (these at right). Not every Scottish clan is represented in Minnesota. For those clans we are aware of not represented in Minnesota and which have a national or international organization, we have included a link to their website. There are likely Highland clans' or Lowland families links not included here. Also, see a directory of clans, chiefs and websites at the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs website.

Anderson   International
Armstrong John Fairbairn | ph. 651-386-6835 | email International
Brodie   USA
Bruce Don Bruce, National VP | ph. 651-492-9181 | email International
Cameron Nancy Cameron, Branch Secretary | ph. 763-413-0385 | email Regional | International
Campbell   International
Chisolm Jack Chisolm, Chisolm Ambassador | ph. 612-590-6924, email  
Colquhoun International
Cumming Scott Cummings, MN Convener | ph. 952-892-6854 | email USA
Crawford Fred Crawford, Intl. Treasurer & Board of Directors | ph. 952-431-5241 | email  
Davidson   North America
Donald Amy Scolet | ph. 507-951-4248 | email National
Donnachaidh Jon Carlson | ph. 651-423-1761 | email Upper Midwest
Douglas   North America
Farquharson   International | USA
Ferguson Nora Leverson | email  
Fraser   International | North America
Gordon Michael Hilden | ph. 621-910-7439 | email USA
Graham Doug Potter, State Commissioner | email International
Grant   International | USA
Gregor Lori Connery, State Deputy Chieftain | ph. 612-227-2677 | email USA
Hamilton   Society
Hay   International
Henderson   Society
Johnston/e   USA
Kerr   International
Kincaid Steve T. Kincaid, Commissioner | ph. 763-427-6131 | email International
Lamont   Society
Leslie   International
Lindsay   International
Livingstone   International
MacAlister   International
Macauley   International | Ireland
MacBain   International
MacCallum/Malcolm Jon McCollum | ph. 612-669-7483 | email North America
MacFarlane Jonathan Palmer, Director of Gatherings (intl.) | ph. 612-522-0545 | email International
MacDougall   North America
MacDuff   North America
MacFie   International | USA
MacGillivray   International | USA
MacGregor   International | USA
MacIntosh   International | North America
MacIntyre   International
MacKay   International | USA
MacKenzie   UK
MacKinnon Jack MacKinnon, High Commissioner | ph. 952-442-8836 | email International
MacLachlan   UK | North America
Maclaine of Lochbuie   International
MacLean of Duart   International
MacLaren   North America
MacLennan   International
MacLeod Pamela Captain, VP Upper Midwest | ph. 507-421-0961 | email USA
MacMillan Mike McMillen, MN convener | ph. 612-827-2174 | email Regional | International
MacNab   International
MacNaghton   International
MacNeil   USA
MacNicol   International
MacPherson Lyaman McPherson | email International
MacThomas   International
Matheson   International | USA
Maxwell   International
Menzies   International
Moncrieffe   International
Montgomery   International
Morrison   North America
Munro   International | USA
Murray Mary and Paul Murray | ph. 218-820-0974 | email North America
Napier   International
Ramsay   International
Ross Lynn Peck, Representative | ph. 763-533-8458 | email USA
Scott   International
Shaw   Scotland
Sinclair   USA | International
Stewart Doug and Eileen Stewart | email USA
Sutherland   North America
Urquhart   International
Wallace   International