How to purchase archival prints.

You may purchase one or more of these archival prints using one of the methods listed below. Please refer to the Archival Prints page for more information about the prints. Regardless of payment method (listed below), please email me and note if you desire the print to be signed and for answers to any other questions.

The prints of Pre-Revolutionary migrations of the Scottish Highlanders & Scots-Irish and Scottish Highlanders' Immigration to Canada are $180 each. Both may be purchased for $320 if shipped in the same package. The print of 17th and 18th Century German Migrations to the American Colonies is $190. These prices are for delivery within the lower 48 states.

Delivery and packaging

Prices noted are predicated on delivery within the lower 48 states and shipped via 3-day priority (USPS) including insurance and tracking. The postage/insurance/tracking is built into the fees noted. All prints are packaged flat.


Choose a print from the drop-down menu below to purchase through PayPal. Please email me as verification in the off chance there is a malfunction in the PayPal system.

Personal check

Once a check is received and clears the bank, the print/s will be mailed. Please email me for further details.

Money order

Print/s will be printed and mailed on receipt of a money order. Please email me for further details.

Wire transfer

If wire transfer is the preferred method of payment, please email me and I will provide the necessary information to facilitate the transfer. There is an additional $15 fee for payment by wire transfer.

International orders

On request, prices may be provided for orders to be delivered outside the lower 48 states. The variables are postage and timing. Insurance and tracking may not be available. Email me a delivery address to receive a quote.

Questions? Please contact Mike McMillen by phone at 612.827.2174 or by email.