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y years in art school in the 70's included a typography class. We set type with lead and wood characters by hand, "moveable type" technology little changed from the early Renaissance.

Information technology has taken a giant leap since then, both how its created and how its delivered. The front-to-back, linear format made print communication pretty straight-forward. No longer. Now, endlessly scrolling pages and labyrinthine site structures create confusion and, with a click, the potential client or customer is gone, regardless of how pretty the graphics, profound the text or entertaining the technology.

The most common issue those browsing the internet have with websites is their inability to find what they're looking for. Structure, both in terms of site structure (how the pages are prioritized, organized and linked) and page composition are critical to solving this problem.

"Less is more." Mies van der Rohe's maxim is even more relevant today. People are less inclined to read long text in digital media than they were in print. Therefore, prioritizing content and distilling it down to the necessary information is a key part of the process.

Each client is unique. Their website and other media should reflect their unique goals and communicate the desired message to their target audience while reflecting their unique image and position them favorably relative to their competitors.

See samples of websites and other work I've designed.