Hand-carved MacMillan crests by Jon Carlson.

These are individually carved from basswood, stained, varnished and painted by hand. Price (not including postage) is $200. Approximately 10″x15″ in size. Delivery is approximately 2 months from date of order. To order, contact Jon Carlson by phone at 651-423-1761 or mail to 3270 148th St., Rosemount, MN  55068-4310.

Please note: these is not ordered or paid for through Clan MacMillan or our branch. Other clans' crests are also available from John. Contact him for further details.

Clan MacMillan International

Above, MacMillan Hunting Old tartan. See more about Clan MacMillan tartan.


Branch events will be posted here as we become aware of them. Events for Clan MacMillan international (CMI) and all branches thereof are listed on the CMI website's "Events" page.

Southwest Missouri Celtic Festival & Highland Games, Buffalo MO, Sept. 9


President: Jack MacMillan

Vice president: Laurel Martin

Secretary: Mark McMillen

Treasurer: Sherrill Carlson (no email)

Minnesota Convener: Mike McMillen

Illinois Convener: Mike McMillin

Missouri Convener: Robert McMillan

Hand-carved MacMillan crests by John Carlson. More details...

About the Clan. An introduction.

Though no longer concentrated in Scotland, MacMillans are still a clan, sharing common ancestors, a chief and a rich heritage reaching back to the Clan's 12th century progenitor, making Clan MacMillan one of Scotland's oldest clans.

Most references to "MacMillan" on this website are inclusive not only of those with this spelling but all spellings and our numerous septs. See a list of over 200 spelling variants of "MacMillan" and numerous Clan MacMillan septs.

Clan MacMillan North Central States is a branch of Clan MacMillan International (CMI), initiated in 2000 at the recommendation of Chief George MacMillan of MacMillan and Knap. Initially just Minnesota, the branch grew to include Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa and the Dakotas. Our mission is to create awareness among our clanspeople of their heritage, their Clan and other MacMillans (there are over 200 spellings) and related septs through Highland games, social events and all forms of communication that we can take advantage.

See our Genealogy page with some suggestions on how you might initiate exploring your MacMillan heritage with much more information on the CMI website's genealogy page. Our branch also has a Facebook page.

Clan MacMillan International

As noted, Clan MacMillan North Central States is a branch of Clan MacMillan International. The CMI website has extensive information about our Clan, its rich history and the Clan in its current form. More in-depth information about our Clan's history and content related to genealogy is available to current members of both our branch and members of CMI. Though they share some benefits, a membership to our branch does not include a membersgip to CMI.

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For more information look deeper into this site and that of CMI. See a page on why and how to join Clan MacMillan North Central States.

Clan MacMillan products.

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